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we regret nothing
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Thinking of all my friends on Facebook, I'm writing you this sitting on the toilet in Hong Kong.

I'd like to say this.
When you do not change, you are not on the spiritual path. When you don't have any genuine caring to any beings, you don't have love towards yourself.

No matter how busy we are, when you have the calmness in the mind, that is meditation.
However crazy your mind, but you have a clear noticing free of judgement, that is mindfulness.
Our mind is full of judgement and negative emotions and ego clinging everywhere, but when we can have a moment of being free, that is called Vipashyana, clear seeing.

When I see the Buddha, I remember the purity of myself. When I look at my mother, I remember unconditioned love for all the beings.
When I see my beautiful wife it shows the pure reflection of love.
When I see a guru, that is a reflection of yourself, so watch out!
When I see Dharma brothers and sister around me, they are reminders and mirrors of my judgement.

When I stay alone, I feel enlightened.
When I am with other with people I feel compassionate. When I face obstacles, I feel more dignity.
When I feel happiness and enjoyment I wish to share it with all beings.
When I'm actually lying down and sleeping, I wish all the people have a good sleep.
I'd like to say goodnight to all of you all my friends from Causeway Bay in Hong Kong 4th of October in the night near to 11:30pm.
— Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche
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