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October 02 2013

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September 30 2013

I have been traveling around the world and parts of Asia for the last six months and this is a shot I took at Tiger Palace in Bangkok, this is one of just a few tiger sanctuaries in Thailand that do not drug the animals, and because of this they sometimes get incredibly playful, here the tigers are having a play fight in some water. What was truly amazing was the speed at which they move, one minute they are 200 yards away, the next, they are right next to you staring down like they are deciding how you taste! (© Daniel Sakal)
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Włóczykij szedł coraz szybciej, prosto w stronę lasu. Wtedy w ostatnim domu ktoś uchylił trochę drzwi i bardzo stary głos zawołał:
-Dokąd idziesz?
-Nie wiem - odpowiedział Włóczykij.
Drzwi zamknęły się i Włóczykij wszedł w las. Miał przed sobą sto mil ciszy.
— Dolina Muminków w listopadzie
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Anxiety, heartbreak, and tenderness mark the in-between state. It's the kind of place we usually want to avoid. The challenge is to stay in the middle rather than buy into struggle and complaint. The challenge is to let it soften us rather than make us more rigid and afraid.
— Pema Chödrön
Instead of struggling against the force of confusion, we could meet it and relax. When we do that, we gradually discover that clarity is always there. In the middle of the worst scenario of the worst person in the world, in the middle of all the heavy dialogue with ourselves, open space is always there.
— Pema Chödrön
You are what you've been looking for. The answer is always in you alone. There is nothing in the external world. For the external world is an emanation of your own mind, your own thinking and your own imagination. You created this world.
— Robert Adams
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Photo by Kurt Arrigo -
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be a maestro
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You can't get stuck in space.
— Chogyam Trungpa
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Any perception can connect us to reality, properly and fully. What we see doesn’t have to be pretty, particulary; we can appreciate anything that exists. There is some prinicple of magic in everything, some living quality. Something living, something real, is taking place in everything.
— Chogyam Trungpa
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" Each woman has potential access to Rio Abajo Rio, this river beneath the river. She arrives there through deep meditation, dance, writing, painting, prayermaking, singing, drumming, active imagination, or any activity which requires an intense altered consciousness. A woman arrives in this world-between worlds through yearning and by seeking something she can see just out of the corner of her eye....
If there is to be change, we are it.
We carry ' La que sabe', the One Who Knows"
-Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Art by IronBird
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Joseph Tam
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I can never be tired of you.
I can only be tired of you while you indulge the notion of being a person.
Sometimes I get impatient with you.
Why are you still wallowing in this mess?
Come out of this.
As soon as you come out then all the rubbish begins to fall away fast.
First you go uphill with your ego, and then you start going downhill and everything is coming out. First, building up, building up, more and more stuff… getting stuffed, constipated with concepts… and then? BIG laxative, full diarrhoea. Then freedom. Every thought is coming out. You are so happy, so light. You don’t know what to do with yourself. You are weightless, completely weightless.
Now let it be your quiet understanding and live from that place.
— Mooji ;)
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